What We Do

In 2011 the California Autism Insurance Law (SB 946) passed, requiring every healthcare plan that covers hospital, medical, or surgical care to also provide coverage for behavioral health services to treat autism. This legislation created a surge in demand for behavioral health services in the Bay Area. Easterseals Bay Area moved quickly to respond to this unprecedented demand by partnering with health organizations, providers, and leading technology firms. Since then, Easterseals Bay Area has expanded access to behavioral health services for children with autism by creating and growing a network of providers that today consists of more than 3,600 professionals. Easterseals Bay Area currently provides service to more than 3,500 clients throughout the region. We go beyond behavioral health services to provide support for local families by planning monthly outings and offering parents the occasional worry-free date night.


What We Do For:

  • Children – We’re dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children with autism, developmental disorders, and special needs. We believe the right clinical services are the foundation of a productive life filled with opportunity and possibility for children and their families. Learn more
  • Adults – Our Kaleidoscope Community Adult Program offers specific programming and builds independence and self-esteem for adults with special needs. Learn more
  • Families – Caring for people with special needs 24 hours a day is a tough job. We provide specialized training for parents, and support families by offering childcare and after-school programs that give them a break. Learn more