What We Do For Families

Training for Parents

Easterseals Bay Area’s training and education services help parents understand their child’s specific challenges, abilities, and needs. Parents also learn to develop a set of critical, behaviorally-based skills to help manage challenging behaviors and promote their child’s communication, interaction, and active participation in everyday activities.

Research has shown that teaching parents of children with autism how to provide developmental support is an essential component of any successful intervention program. Parent training and education benefits children with autism by:

  • Increasing communication skills
  • Enhancing parent-child interaction
  • Decreasing challenging behaviors
  • Increasing generalization of skills to new people and settings

Respite Services

Caring for an individual with special needs 24 hours a day is a big job. Families need help, but also don’t want to overly stress their kids, or themselves, with childcare that is not equipped to work with them. This is where Easterseals Bay Area comes in. We provide safe, subsidized childcare, including monthly movie nights and quarterly outings, to help support Bay Area families dealing with disability.

Check our Events for upcoming movie nights and outings.