What We Do for Children

Easterseals Bay Area provides hands-on services and support for people with autism, developmental disabilities and special needs as well as their families. We offer services throughout Northern California and focus primarily on the treatment of autism.

Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services Easterseals Bay Area was a trailblazer in adopting early intervention and in-home services that have been proven successful in the treatment for children under three. Learn more about our services.

Behavioral Services

Easterseals Bay Area is a leader in providing comprehensive, evidence-based evaluation and treatment for individuals diagnosed with autism – from birth through adulthood. We offer innovative services as well as training, support and education to create life-changing solutions for those with autism and their families. Learn more about our services.

Kaleidoscope Community Adult Program

The Kaleidoscope Community Adult Program based in Dublin, Calif. offers programming for adults with special needs that help them integrate into the community, including employment readiness and development, independent living skills, community inclusion, socialization, and many other beneficial activities. Learn more about Kaleidoscope.