Respite Services

Caring for an individual with special needs 24-hours a day can be a challenge. Families can find a break or respite through support services that enable parents to partake in recreational, social or other important activities with siblings or with each other. Easterseals Bay Area is proud to offer Respite Services that enable caregivers and the people they care for the opportunity to relax, recharge and reconnect. Respite programs offered include Parents Night Out and Afternoon at the Movies.



Parents Night Out

We created Parents Night Out to provide quality respite care for our clients and their siblings. The evenings provide parents and guardians time to themselves while their children are safe and well cared for. Attendees enjoy three hours of fun-filled care complete with physical and educational activities, arts and crafts, sensory-friendly toys, fresh pizza, games and a special visit from the Peter Pan Foundation, a non-profit theater group.

Parents Night Out is generously sponsored by the Safeway Foundation.

Afternoon at the Movies

We created Afternoon at the Movies to provide special opportunities for our clients and families to watch a movie on the big screen together. With reduced sound, dimmed lighting, fresh snacks and at theaters located in the Bay Area, it’s a Hollywood experience for families like no other.

Check out our Events Page to see the lineup of Parents Night Out and Afternoon at the Movies events coming up!



The goal of our Respite Services is to provide clients and families time for relaxation, revitalization, fun and inclusion.

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