Parent Led ABA

Parent Led ABA is an application of ABA in which parents and caregivers learn the basics of ABA via coaching from a highly skilled team in order to implement ABA programming with their child.


Parent Led ABA is a methodology that targets intensive parent engagement and implementation for a determined period of time, followed by a less intensive maintenance period.

Just like 1:1 ABA, Parent Led ABA is overseen by highly trained experts in ABA, a Clinical Manager/BCBA, and supported by a Program Supervisor, BCaBA or Master’s level practitioner. The supervision team ensures that goals are achievable, conducts ongoing reassessments, provides guidance and support to the parent and reports progress to the funding source.

The goal of Parent Led ABA is to give parents the tools to support and teach their child using basic ABA skills. By eliminating the need for scheduled sessions with an outside practitioner, families have more flexibility to engage in everyday activities. Parents are encouraged to set aside time to work directly with their child, however, the goals can also also be targeted across everyday routines and activities since the parent is already familiar with the child’s goals and how to address them. Parent Led ABA can be performed while driving to soccer practice, sitting in a waiting room, or even while preparing and eating dinner.


Easterseals Bay Area recognizes that, as parents, you are the expert in your child; we are the experts in ABA. Together, we can join forces to bring the most support to your child’s progress and growth!