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Easterseals taking on disability together

Taking on Disability Together: Disability Resources

Although our primary focus at Easterseals Bay Area is serving people with autism and their families, we do work with individuals experiencing other types of disability as well. Although each disability has specific markers and treatments, there are some guidelines that apply to all people.

Taking on Disability Together: Helpful Hints

Learning to accept ourselves is hard to do, especially when we want so much to fit in with our friends and our classmates.
Many of us are self-conscious about the way we look or we wish we could be better than we are at something. Many of us worry about things that are invisible to our friends and our families. But these things are important to us and influence the way we act.

When you have a disability, fitting in is even harder. A disability can be the first thing other people see. Sometimes it's the only thing and people forget to look beyond the wheelchair or difficulty with social interactions.

They don't see the person — only the person's disability. They forget that these are people who could be our friends. Kids with disabilities, for example, may seem different at first. But like all children, they have many interests, ideas and feelings.

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For more helpful resources on disability, visit our national site.