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Easterseals taking on disability together

Corporate Partnerships

Easterseals Bay Area has the good fortune of being located in an area that is well represented with innovative businesses, many of which are committed to making a positive social impact. We partner with a variety of companies which allows us to do everything from funding our events and supporting us in the community to creating new programs and opportunities for our clients and their families.

Easterseals Bay Area and Salesforce

Salesforce is a great example of how Easterseals Bay Area teams with local businesses. Given the sheer scale of work we have faced over the past few years, technology has become a key factor in building our programs. We found a partner in Saleforce as we trailblazed new and better ways to serve people with autism. This has become a highly strategic and effective collaboration as we successfully take on disability together.

To meet the unprecedented demand for behavioral health services,we jointly pioneered new capabilities; Saleforce has been a foundational partner in building our technology infrastructure to serve our communities across 24 counties in Northern California and beyond.

Together we continue to innovate with a focus on continuously improving services. Most recently Easterseals Bay Area was among the first organizations to launch services on Salesforce Health Cloud, a new patient relationship management platform developed specifically for the healthcare industry.

For more information about our Corporate Partnerships, please contact us.