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Easterseals taking on disability together

Behavioral Health Services

Easterseals Bay Area provides individualized behavioral services for people diagnosed with autism. Our specialized team focuses on evidence-based interventions that are proven to be effective at increasing the skills of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities.

Like our early intervention services, individuals and their families may be eligible for home-based services, parent education, support groups and community-based services that promote learning and maintaining skills in a natural environment.

Our behavioral services are focused primarily on helping people with autism and developmental disabilities who face challenges that may:

  • Pose significant health risks to self and others
  • Interrupt learning and development
  • Cause immense stress and hardship to families

Easterseals Bay Area’s behavioral services follows best practice guidelines and deliver services on an individualized basis. Services may include all or some of the following, given an individual’s needs:

  • Home-Based Services — Services delivered in the individual’s home to encourage appropriate communication skills, develop positive social interactions, enhance emotional development and address challenging behavior.
  • Community Based Services — Services are provided to the child and/or family in natural environments in the community in order to promote generalization and maintenance of skills.

Our behavioral services combine individual-centered interventions with training for families and professionals to implement successful interventions in other settings. Program services are not limited to young children and their families, but can incorporate transition and consultation services to a school- or community-based setting.

For more information about Easterseals Bay Area's Behavioral Health services, contact us.