Salesforce is a key part of our effort to partner with industry innovators to jointly pioneer new capabilities. We have worked together to develop solutions that meet the unique needs of our industry and improve behavioral health services. Easterseals Bay Area and our new venture are among the first to launch services on the recently launched Salesforce Health Cloud. This streamlines technology and helps us to improve the efficiency in providing our services. With Health Cloud as a foundation we will enable a single console for managing the complex relationships between long-term clients and our network of more than 3,600 health practitioners. This collaboration has already helped us:

  • manage clinical workflows for 3,600 practitioner network across 60 contracted organizations
  • complete between 75,000 to 80,000 client visit appointment per months managed through the platform
  • manage daily referrals and authorizations thru the platform supporting the client visits 
  • supports the session/appointment workflow thru mobile app enhancing productivity and compliance

We continue to collaborate with Salesforce as we jointly focus on continuously expanding accessibility and affordability of technology services.

Please also see the Salesforce press release and today’s ZDNet article.

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